Featured in Columbus Dispatch coverage of Gathering of Men Event

I recently had the privilege of attending the annual Gathering of Men event hosted by the Bell Resource Center at The Ohio State University. I always look forward to this invigorating and enjoyable evening of fellowship and inspiration. I happened to be featured in the image used to cover the event in the Columbus-wide paper! Dr. Robert Franklin of Morehouse College was a very dynamic speaker and provided numerous points of wisdom that could accelerate anyone who implements his guidance to much higher levels of achievement. The 5 points that resonated most with me (yes, 5!) are the 5 Be’s.


  • Well Read
  • Well Spoken
  • Well Traveled
  • Well Dressed
  • Well Balanced

He also challenged us to challenge EVERYTHING, to be critical thinkers, to be global citizens, raise our expectations and standards, and to hold each other accountable.

In his words, I aspire to ensure that my life can boast a healthy mind, a healthy body, and healthy values. It’s not what you hear, it’s what you do! And I plan to do my best. 🙂



About Ernest Levert Jr.

Aspiring Servant-Leader studying engineering principles, financial stewardship, business management, and psychology fundamentals in order to cultivate passionate leadership, disseminate positive energy, uplift the community and ultimately create a brighter future for generations to come.
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2 Responses to Featured in Columbus Dispatch coverage of Gathering of Men Event

  1. So what did Dr. Robert mean when he said become “well traveled”?

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