College, Like Life, Works When You Do

I ran across this article today and thought it made some excellent points. In my humble opinion, the folks of my generation have loosened our grip on our potential. We’re still just as capable of greatness, but less and less realize it until it’s too late. I hear people bash college a lot, saying it’s the cause of debt, complacency, drones, and disgruntled workers. It’s not whether you go to college; it’s what you do while you’re there and how well you plan your work and work your plan that matters. Mike Rowe hits home with his sentiment: “Work smart AND hard.” A lot of us miss the mark and fall short. But there’s hope!


About Ernest Levert Jr.

Aspiring Servant-Leader studying engineering principles, financial stewardship, business management, and psychology fundamentals in order to cultivate passionate leadership, disseminate positive energy, uplift the community and ultimately create a brighter future for generations to come.
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