“Skill with People” by Les Giblin- Review & Reflection

Ran across another concise book about relating to people. Here are some of the key points.

When you have a proper understanding of human nature and people- when you know why people do the things that they do- when you know why and how people will react under certain conditions- then and only then can you become a skillful manager of people. -p. 11

Understanding people and human nature simply involves recognizing people for what they are; not what you think they are, nor what you want them to be. -p. 11

The most universal trait of mankind, a trait you and everybody else has- a trait so strong that it makes people do the things that they do, good and bad- is the desire to be important, the desire to be recognized. -p. 15

If you can’t agree with people, and many times you can’t, then just don’t disagree with them unless it is absolutely necessary. p. 18

The more listening you do, the smarter you will become, the better you will be liked, and the better conversationalist you will be. p. 19

You simply show them how they can get what they want by doing what you want them to do. p. 21

Everything in this world is done for a reason. So, when you want somebody to do something, give them a reason as to why they should do it. p. 25

This simply means getting people to choose between saying yes to you one way or saying yes to you another way. Either way they choose they are saying yes to you. p. 26

Expect people to say “yes” to you and let them know they are expected to say yes. p. 27

Praise the act, not the person. p. 31

Make the praise specific- pinpoint it. p. 32

Criticism should be made in absolute privacy…Make the criticism impersonal- criticize the act, not the person. p. 33

If you want people to think well of you, to look up to you, to look upon you with admiration and respect, you must give them the impression that you deserve the rating. This is done primarily by the value put on yourself. p. 37

Overall, I appreciate the brevity of the advice and how straightforward it was. It hit some of the key skills needed to relate to people and serves as good reinforcement for those who are already developing these skills. Cheers!


About Ernest Levert Jr.

Aspiring Servant-Leader studying engineering principles, financial stewardship, business management, and psychology fundamentals in order to cultivate passionate leadership, disseminate positive energy, uplift the community and ultimately create a brighter future for generations to come.
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