“Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations” Review & Reflect (Part 4)

Whoops! I skipped a day! Back to it! Gotta finish by Saturday!

Chapter 10: Generation Rising– Creating a counterculture form scratch (and a dash of salt)

Could it be that teenagers today are faced with a unique opportunity to do hard things- not just as individuals, but as a generation? And not just any hard things but big, history-shaping ones? p. 170

What is possible when a generation stops assuming that someone else will take care of the brokenness of the world- or that someone else will capitalize on current opportunities- and realizes that they are called to take action? What does it look like when a young person is passionate about what God is calling him or her to do- and that passion is contagious? p. 171

The Rebelution needs Christians all over the world to be living as salt and light in business, science, medicine, law, politics, home-making and parenting, engineering, education , the arts, and every other field of endeavor. Like Schaeffer said, God’s Word is Truth for all of life- and our unique makeup as individuals allows room for beautiful diversity within a generation committed to doing hard things for the glory of God. p. 174

We need men and women who can champion a biblical view of business management and finances, who are committed to integrity, who have a heart to serve rather than take advantage, who do well by doing good instead of by cutting corners and working the system, and who are innovative in integrating their career with their calling- to be salt and light. p. 174

We call these critical values the three pillars of the Rebelution: character, competence, and collaboration. Being salt and light is the goal of rebelutionaries, but the three pillars are how we get there. Separately, each one certainly has merit, but only when all three work together can we build an effective and sustainable subculture. p. 176

Rebelutionaries know that competence matters for Christians because the Christian life is a life of action, and our actions are intended to result in God being glorified. They understand that the level of competence with which we perform the good works God has called us to do will determine how the watching world responds. They refuse to fall for the lie that says our Christian lives are meant to be lived behind closed doors- or tucked away at home when we leave for work or hang out with our friends. p. 178

But when the idea wouldn’t go away, Conner knew it was from God. p. 179

Chapter 11: A Thousand Young Heroes– Stories of new beginnings, impossible challenges, and the teens who are living them

Zach had found a cause that was bigger than his fear. p. 187

We’re too young to know certain things are impossible, so we will do them anyway. p. 188

“Who ever said that doing hard things isn’t fun?!” she explodes good-naturedly. “On the contrary, I feel I missed out by not aiming toward more hard things. You’ll find more joy in doing what God has called you to do than a trip to the mall or a night at the movies will ever bring.” p. 197

Brantley launched Students Aiding Indigent Families (SAIF), a nonprofit charity to help needy families in Mississippi. SAIF purchases abandoned, dilapidated houses in Jackson’s slums, then recruits teams of students to repair and remodel them into like-new condition. When the house is ready for sale, Brantley helps arrange bank financing for the new owner- usually a poor single mother. p. 205

“I really feel like intensity is growing in our generation. It’s a passion that just needs to be unleashed on something that’s right and pure…I think our generation is sick of the world,” he continues. “They’re sick of everything it has to offer. The only reason they’re pursuing it is because that’s all they’re given- honestly. ” p. 208

Chapter 12: World, Meet Your Rebelutionaries– Transforming your mission from a decision into a destiny

A good book can be like our experience on the mountain that day. Your are lifted out of the daily grind and transported to a new place. You spend time on the summit seeing things from a new perspective and with greater clarity. Your strength begins to come back and you’re ready to return to the valley with fresh purpose. p. 212

He realizes that if he wants to rebel against low expectations and live radically for Christ, he is going to need friends who will encourage him to fight for that higher standard. p. 220

What an excellent book! I think this is a great start for encouraging young people to seize the opportunities before them and to exceed all expectations. We are capable of so much more than we think! Sometimes we just need a friendly push!


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Aspiring Servant-Leader studying engineering principles, financial stewardship, business management, and psychology fundamentals in order to cultivate passionate leadership, disseminate positive energy, uplift the community and ultimately create a brighter future for generations to come.
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