Lost in Thought

Be hYOUman:

We are so quick to blame our imperfections and iniquity on the human condition. Don’t be human. Be You, man!

The True Nature of Challenges:


Most challenges begin with C-H-A = Circumstances + History + Attitude

But if we remove the L-L-E = Lies + Laziness + Excuses

All that remains is CHA-NGE.

Most challenges end with: N- Insight, G- God, E- Effort

Be the change you wish to see. Nothing can stop you but you.

-Ernest Levert Jr., 2014

Praying for Peace

Passion and peace are the ultimate pain killers.

Empty Fulfillment

Don’t fill up on appetizers. What’s offered first isn’t always best. 

-Ernest Levert Jr., 2014

Reap What You Sow

A wise farmer will spend more time PLANTING than PLANNING. The difference is the T, the most valuable resource of all- TIME; time for the seeds to grow, the crops to take root, and the fruit to emerge. But the farmer knows that he can not begin PLANTING without a PLAN. Start with a plan, start small, and start now!

-Ernest Levert Jr., 2014

Disillusioned by Money

We should spend less time focused on our INCOME and focus instead on the OUTCOME. Master your money or it will  master you.

We can not serve two masters, so make money serve you instead!

-Ernest Levert Jr., 2014


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